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SQooLer 0.2.4 is released
This release solves the problem under Linux GTK caused by SWT Table.


Massive problem under Linux GTK
At the time i have a massive problem under Linux GTK with SQooLer 0.2.3 .

If i run a SELECT statement eclipse crashes when the tabfolder (table) will be selected.


SQooLer 0.2.3 is out

SQooLer 0.2.3 is released on 2006-03-21

  • Initially only a small part of result is fetched in the table the rest only if it needs
  • Result can be updated in the table itself
  • Showing of Oracle PL/SQL procedure and function parameters are correct now

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    SQooLer 0.2.2 is released

    SQooLer 0.2.2 is released on 2005-08-11

  • Generic database layout problem fixed
  • New features:  Tablenames, columns are showed in a tree view

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    SQooLer 0.2.0 is released

    SQooLer 0.2.0 is released on 2005-07-10

  • Parts of code completely rewritten
  • New features, like multiple database connections...
  • More...


    New release of SQooLer is out

    SQooLer 0.1.2 is released on 2005-06-06

  • Bugfixes
  • New feature: content assistent
  • More...


    The second release of SQooLer is out

    SQooLer 0.1.1 is released on 2005-05-01

    This is mainly a bugfixes release.

  • Better PL/SQL support
  • Better syntax-highlighting
  • Database information dialog added
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    The first release of SQooLer is out

    SQooLer 0.1.0 (alpha) is released on 2005-04-24

    Main features:

  • You can run SQL statements
  • You can run PL/SQL scripts (if your database supports PL/SQL)
  • SQooLer has own perspective, viewer and syntax-highlighted editor
  • Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HSQL DB, Sybase
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